The best charity gifts for children in Leeds

Looking for the best charity gifts for children? Find out what gifts and donations are most useful and valued by the children who visit Lineham Farm.

23rd September 2022

What are the best charity gifts for children?

Every child is unique and so are the memories they make at Lineham Farm. Some remember it as their first ever holiday, others ride a bike for the very first time. For many, it’s about making new experiences and friends, and taking time away from very challenging lives.

Every young person has an unforgettable break, within a safe and loving environment. Whilst with us, the children make memories to last a lifetime.

Over 20% of children in Leeds live in poverty and many families go without the basics. When struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table, toys and activities aren’t the priority. With the current cost-of-living crisis, things are set to get worse for families who are already struggling.

Our supporters often ask us about the best charity gifts for children. Donating charity gifts to children is a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do and we appreciate everyone who reaches out to us. There are a few different ways you can help, including donating items and money.

Here’s how you can help:

What new toys and gifts can I donate to children as part of appeals?

We run an annual Christmas gift appeal, where we collect donations of new toys to distribute. Every year, lots of children visit the farm to take part in festive activities and they receive a gift. We also donate gifts to local families across Leeds who struggle to provide them. It’s amazing to know that these children will not miss out at Christmas time, thanks to this wonderful support.

The toys we most like to receive are:

  • Toys for all ages, from babies to teenagers (so the whole family can get something to open)
  • Pyjamas, slippers, and snuggly clothing
  • Toiletries and cosmetic treats for slighter older young people
  • Crafts and art materials
  • Games
  • Lego
  • Dolls
  • Figures
  • Car sets
  • Play mats
  • Cartoon figures and toys
  • Trucks/dinosaurs
  • Building blocks and construction
  • Books

If you would like to get involved in our Christmas gift appeal, please email to find out how to donate.

Can I donate second-hand toys and clothes to the children?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept used items. We do run gift appeals and provide families with items like clothes and cooking equipment, but we need new items for these. This is to make sure the families always receive safe and quality items. Please do let us know still, if you have items that you would like to donate as we can advise how and where these could be best used.

The best charity gifts for children all year around

We have over 2,500 young people visit per year at Lineham Farm. They learn climbing, try archery, ride bikes, learn bushcraft, use the games room, read books, play team games, tell stories, walk in nature, meet animals, and spend lots of time running around in wellies!

While the young people are always very respectful, our equipment becomes worn over time and we are often in need of new toys and activity equipment.

Items we need most

Small items of activity equipment such as:

  • Biking Gloves
  • Bushcraft equipment
  • Plush woodland birds
  • Wellies
  • Helmets
  • Pillows/Quilts
  • Climbing shoes

Would you like to donate some gifts to our children? You can do so easily on our Amazon giving account. See if there’s anything within your donation range and simply buy it online. Our delivery address is automatically suggested at the checkout – please select it.

What is the best charity gift you can give children?

The greatest gift you can give to any child is the time and opportunity to create happy memories! That’s exactly what we do at Lineham Farm. While gift items are always useful and we are grateful for them, donations and fundraising are the ultimate gifts we receive from our supporters.

Our biggest challenge is always the ongoing costs, upkeep, operations, and improvements of a large, busy facility. It costs around £50 per day for one child to visit us and our aim is to provide as many children as possible with lasting happy memories.

Our outgoings include:

  • Maintaining the farm and 120 acres of land
  • Caring for our animals, livestock, and natural habitats
  • Paying utilities for the entire site and daily operations
  • Improving the facilities and the experience we can offer
  • Carrying out routine repairs and safety checks

These outgoings allow us to provide a caring, supportive, unique, and magical experience for over 2,500 young people each year.

We have lots of ideas for improvements and exciting new projects which require funds to plan and execute. The fundraising efforts of our supporters, ambassadors and regular givers are instrumental in helping us work towards these exciting goals.


Ultimately, everything we do on the farm is set up around providing the best possible experience for the young people who we work with and support. To help others, less fortunate than ourselves is at the heart to building a brighter and happier future for our next generation to come.  The more we raise alongside our wonderful supporters, the more we can invest in our fantastic facility on behalf of Leeds’s children.

How to support us

Fundraising helps us keep Lineham Farm a special place for the children in Leeds who deserve it most. Your donations pay for children to spend time in a safe and happy environment, doing activities like riding bikes, climbing, learning about nature, and simply having fun.

Can you donate as little as 13p per day?

If you can donate monthly or make a one-off donation, please click here to find out more. Perhaps you are part of a business that might be able to support us? Find out about our business supporter packages and how your organisation can get involved in brightening children’s futures.