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We rely on the generosity of our supporters to complete essential works at Lineham Farm - keeping it a safe haven for the young people we work with and support.

The following capital projects are planned improvements to the buildings or additions to the equipment that we need in order that the young people who visit the farm have the best experience possible.

Can you help?

We are looking to collaborate with local businesses and individuals to achieve these important developments. If you feel that you can help, please do reach out.

Why support a capital project?

✓ Get behind a communal fundraising goal
✓ Contribute what you can – time, materials, skills
✓ Help the charity continue to improve its delivery
✓ See the results of your efforts and visit in person
✓ We’ll commemorate your contribution

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New windows and doors

The windows and fire doors are in desperate need of replacement, with leaks and old window frames causing issues. There are four main buildings at the farm, and all are in need of upgraded doors and windows.

Estimates vary, but we are looking at needing about £100k to complete all the work. We are looking for a window company to contribute to the project.

Camping area

We are currently fundraising for a new dedicated camping area in celebration of Lineham Farm’s 30th birthday. The new campsite will cost in the region of £100k to install featuring including fencing, toilets, showers, bell tents and cooking facilities.

Our plan is for the camping area to be self-sufficient and increase the numbers we can accommodate at any one time, allowing us to reach even more young people every year.

One of the main costs is the linking of water and electricity supplies from the main building to the campsite. We are told that the cable alone will cost over £30k and we are looking for businesses to support on this.

More about the campsite 🔗

Pig pen

The pigs are one of the children’s highlights when visiting the farm. Our last pigs sadly died after long and happy lives and we’d love to replace them.

To get new pigs and ready the pig pen for them we are looking to raise around £10k for new fencing, a hut and the animals.

Bouldering wall

We are looking for donations to help us replace the existing old bouldering wall and replace the worn out holes. The bouldering wall is one of the key activities for the young people who visit us and we need to make sure it’s a safe and fun experience.
Costs of between £7 and £10k have been discussed.

Bike track upgrade

We have plans to build a new bike track for the children through the woods. Many of the young people who visit us have never learnt to ride a bike, or don’t get the chance to safely bike at home.

The bike track is one of our best loved areas and our improvement plans are estimated to cost £20k.

Pond and nature reserve

Our pond and wetlands are wonderful natural habitats that support wildlife and add to the natural scenery. We have ambitious plans to dredge the pond and build a walkway, costing in the region of £50-70k.

These habitats are important parts of the Lineham Explorers activity that teaches children about the importance of the environment and our natural ecosystems.

Low ropes

We are aiming to raise a long-term fund to upgrade and replace parts of our low ropes course over the next 2-3 years.

The whole course needs replacing in steel and initially we are looking for a steel producer or a stockholder who can provide us with a quote for this.

Heating and power supplies

We are looking for support improving the energy supply to various areas of the farm:

• We hope to install solar panels on the roof of the flat at an approximate cost of £4k.
• The annex requires a new gas-based system, supported by solar, and upgrades to the existing system to make it more energy efficient.
• The main building requires an overhaul of the entire system, including upgrading the boilers, flushing the system, sealing leaks, and changing valves.
• Additional insulation is needed in the games room and the main lounge area.

We have yet to receive quotes for this work but the cost is anticipated to be significant. Our hope is to find a local business to support us. This project is not the most exciting undertaking, however it is crucial to the daily operation of the farm.

More efficient heating and power systems would save us a significant amount each year on bills which could be spent on other activities for the children.


Use of a tractor is essential to keep the farm running. With over 120 acres of land and livestock on the farm, a tractor is required to access areas and complete everyday maintenance.
A tractor would cost the farm around £25-30k.

Ride on mower

With 120 acres of land, much of it grassy fields, it is impossible to maintain the land without a ride on mower. The size of mower needed to service the farm cost around £5k to buy.


The courtyard and surrounding areas need resurfacing at a cost of approximately £25k.

The courtyard is at the centre of the farm buildings and sees plenty of daily activity. It’s important it is kept tidy and safe for everyone who passes through.

Other things we need:

New sofas - £5,000
Off road wheelchair – £3,000
Three trikes – £2,500
Bikes – £3,000
iPad mini and case – £400

Can you help support a project?

Without our supporters, we wouldn’t be able to reach the most disadvantaged children in Leeds, providing them with respite from challenging home lives. Creating happy memories and building confidence and resilience in local children is the reason we do what we do at Lineham Farm.

Supporting developments to the farm helps protect the future of the charity and enables us to improve our facilities for the children to enjoy. By donating to a project, you are helping secure a legacy to enrich the lives of future generations of Leeds children.

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