Supporting Child Friendly Leeds

Do you know the 12 wishes for a child friendly Leeds? See how we’re helping Leeds become a safe and happy home city for all children.

8th May 2024

child friendly leeds

Have you heard about Child Friendly Leeds?

The scheme has been running for over 10 years and includes support for children in their homes and schools. It promotes wellbeing and access to safe spaces to learn and play. Leeds City Council wants us to be the best city in the UK for children to grow up in.

Over 750​ businesses, organisations and individuals have pledged to help make Leeds a Child Friendly City. Dave Norman, CEO of Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm is an ambassador of the scheme, along with dozens of others across the city.

There are 12 wishes the scheme sets out as part of the vision for Leeds as child friendly. Here at Lineham Farm, we can proudly say we are fulfilling a great many of these wishes and doing our bit to make Leeds a safe and happy place for local children.

The 12 wishes come from thousands of young people sharing their thoughts on making Leeds a better city for them to play, live and grow up in. Here Dave Norman talks about the wishes that the work of the charity links and contributes to.

Children and young people have safe spaces to play, hang out and have fun

“Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm provides a safe space for over 3,000 young people each year. We reach children in Leeds from backgrounds of challenge and disadvantage, from some of the most deprived areas in the city. We make sure every child can experience the beautiful countryside on our doorstep. Lineham is a space for children to play, learn and explore, free from the difficulties facing them within often chaotic home lives.”

Children orienteering at Lineham Farm

Children and young people express their views, feel heard and are involved in decisions that affect their lives.

“Whilst at Lineham Farm, the young people we support are encouraged to express their views on the work at the charity. We gather feedback after every visit. We value the views and opinions of young people, and their views often change the ways in which services are delivered. The most recent example of this is our project to develop a campsite, which has been requested time and time again by the children and families who visit us.”

Differences are celebrated in Leeds, so children and young people feel accepted for who they are. They do not experience bullying and discrimination.

“Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm actively brings together groups of young people in their work. This allows young people of all ages and backgrounds to learn and play together in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The charity also actively promotes cross city school linking work. We celebrate difference and challenge discrimination.”


Everyone takes more action to protect the environment from climate change.

Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm delivers general and bespoke environmental work with the young people of Leeds. This work raises the awareness of issues connected to the environment and how, by working together, we can all effect change. We teach young people the value of protecting local wildlife and natural habitats, often tying this learning to the school curriculum. Our Lineham Explorers activity is a firm favourite amongst the young people who visit. We’re proud to work with others to protect the environment.”

Leeds is a city that reduces the impact of poverty and helps families who need it.

We work with and support young people and families from backgrounds of challenge and disadvantage. Family work focuses on those families that are in need and regarded as high tariff in terms of their needs. Our priority is working with and supporting young people and families who are most in need.”

Lunch at Lineham Farm

Children and young people have the support and information needed to make healthy choices. They have opportunities for regular physical activity.

“Here at Lineham Farm, we run a wide range of physical activities for young people, including biking, climbing, and orienteering. We provide three healthy meals per day, made from scratch, for every child staying with us. We’re proud to promote healthy choices for the young people of Leeds.

All children and young people are in learning settings that meet their needs.

Delivery at the charity is linked to the needs of the young people who attend. Activities are agreed prior to the young people visiting, and within in this delivery, overall outcomes are agreed. All of this makes sure that the learning that takes place is linked to the needs of the young people.”

Leeds is an inclusive city for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

“We work with and support young people who have diverse needs. The activities provided are supported by the resources and people needed to work with and support as many children as possible. Our environment is one of safety, support, and inclusion.”

Can you support us?

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