Make an impact: Fundraising ideas for businesses in Leeds

Discover impactful fundraising ideas for businesses in Leeds. Find out how to support local charities while fostering corporate social responsibility.

5th September 2023

Like many charities, the work we do at Lineham Farm is made possible through your generous donations. Corporate and business donations play a huge part in ensuring we can deliver our invaluable day-to-day services, brightening the lives of the disadvantaged children of Leeds with adventure-filled respite stays.

We’ve already looked into the benefits of corporate charity donations and why they’re a great way for businesses to build a strong foundation of corporate social responsibility (check out the blog: Why is it good for businesses to donate to charity?). Today, we’re taking a look at the practical ways your business can fundraise to support your charity of choice.

From long-term partnerships to fun fundraising challenges, read on to find out the ways your business can make a big impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Fundraising ideas for businesses in Leeds

To get you started on your charity fundraising journey, here are our top picks for fundraising ideas for businesses in Leeds. These ideas not only let you give back but also let you see the positive change you’re making right here in your local community.

Charity of the year partnership

Launching a charity of the year partnership is an incredible way to commit to supporting one deserving charity throughout an entire year. During this time, you can organise a series of events, campaigns and activities specifically designed not only to raise funds for your chosen charity, but also to create lasting awareness.

A charity of the year partnership allows your business to make a sustained impact. You can tailor your support to your chosen charity’s mission, engage stakeholders and measure the tangible difference you’re making in the local community. Committing to yearly charity support is not just about giving back; it’s about becoming a driving force for positive change.

CSR days

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days offer a unique twist on team-building exercises. It’s a great chance for your team to step away from their desks for a day and work together to make a meaningful difference to the local community.

At Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm, we offer CSR days to businesses looking to enhance their team dynamics while getting involved in meaningful work. You can volunteer your team to participate in our regular fundraisers or join us to help out with our ongoing maintenance programmes.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a really simple yet highly effective way of encouraging charity giving within your business. It’s quick and easy to set up, usually through your business’s HR or finance department. Once established, employees can choose to donate a small, regular amount from their salary – like £1 a month. It may seem like a modest amount individually, but when you encourage all of your team to participate, it adds up.

Payroll giving is a win-win for both businesses and staff. It fosters a sense of accomplishment in employees who know they’re making a difference (with minimal effort involved), and businesses enhance their corporate social responsibility image.

Dress-down day

Dress-down days are a popular tradition in many corporate workplaces and are another easy yet highly effective way of fundraising for charity. It really couldn’t be simpler – you implement a casual, “dress-down” day in the office in exchange for a small monetary donation. A pound or two from a large team can add up to a substantial donation, particularly if you have a dress-down day regularly.

You could even go a step further by combining your dress-down day with a bake sale or office quiz to create a fun charity day. Adding these fun elements, along with promoting casual dress, can transform a regular workday into something much more special, promoting a good team spirit and relaxed atmosphere while also supporting a great cause.

Charity walk or fun run

A charity walk or fun run is a great way to bring your team together. It helps engage employees, boost community involvement and of course raise funds for a chosen charitable cause. Again, this is an idea that’s simple but impactful: select a scenic local park or picturesque route (Roundhay Park or the Leeds Liverpool Canal are both great local spots), set a date, and invite your employees, clients and even members of the local community to participate. It’s an inclusive activity that welcomes people of all fitness levels, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved.

A charity walk or fun run not only promotes physical well-being within your business but also offers a perfect opportunity for team bonding outside of the office walls. Your staff get to share the special experience of setting and achieving a goal while making a positive community impact.

Employee workshops

Hosting a workshop in your office (or virtually) offers a unique opportunity to support your chosen charity while tapping into the diverse talents and expertise of your team. Employees can volunteer to host workshops based on their individual skill sets or areas of expertise. This could cover a wide range of topics, from professional skills like project management or social media marketing to personal interests like photography or cooking.

To make a charitable impact, you can suggest a small donation for participants to join the workshops. This adds a new layer of purpose to the event and further nurtures a culture of giving back in your workplace.

Workplace raffle

Why not infuse a bit of excitement into your business’s fundraising efforts with a raffle? Gather a collection of enticing products, services or even gift cards donated by local businesses, and offer them as prizes to lucky winning ticket holders. Partnering with local businesses is a great way to give them exposure while supporting your cause. You could even open up ticket sales to local businesses and members of the community to expand the reach of your event.

Most importantly, every penny raised from raffle ticket sales goes directly to your chosen charity, making a tangible impact on their operations.

Empower your business for good

By using these ideas and coming up with fresh fundraising ideas of your own, you can unleash your business’s potential to make a true difference. From engaging CSR days to fun charity raffles, these initiatives are perfect for boosting teamwork and enhancing morale while creating change. Your business’s actions, big or small, have the power to make a lasting impact on your local community. Why not get started today?

Our business supporters help keep Lineham Farm a special place for the children of Leeds. Your donations pay for children to spend time in a safe and happy environment, doing activities like riding bikes, climbing, learning about nature, and simply having fun.

Join a like-minded club of individuals and businesses who share your passion for driving change and improving the futures of the children of Leeds.

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