Break in delivery provides opportunity for upgrades

Although Covid-19 has sadly meant we have had to stop delivery of our service, it has provided us with an opportunity to improve and upgrade our facilities at the farm.

28th September 2020

By   Dave Norman

Although it is difficult to look for positives when so many people have been affected by Covid-19, the break in delivery at the Farm has enabled us to carry some vital upgrades to the centre which will improve and enhance future experiences at Lineham Farm.

As a result of receiving a legacy grant from the Mary Joyce Mountain Will Trust, we have been able to commence a number of upgrades at the Farm. These will help to make sure that the young people visiting the Farm have an even more memorable time with us.

The upgrades include: the stripping out and upgrading of all the bathrooms; new indoor furniture; extended patio with new seating; new sensory and gardening area; sensory caravan walkway extended; new wetland viewing area; new bridge; new learning outside the classroom, classroom space; new outside performance area with seating; increased storage; roof repairs and general building leaks.